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19 Year Old Girls Are Just Like Deer

I’m almost 27 years old. I’ve always dated girls around my age. However, after an older woman played too many head games, I targeted a different generation of females after that failed relationship. The average age of said targets was 19. Let me tell you -while their bodies were much more delightful than their mid 20’s counterparts, the lack of intelligence these girls had was mind blowing.

These girls resembled deer.


I’m serious. These 19 year old girls were beautiful. But just like deer (beautiful creatures) they lacked a proper attention span in everything involving life. It is my belief that the future generation really has zero chance for romance and purity. I remember thinking that the girl I was talking to at the time was really into me. Judging by Facebook and Twitter you would think that I was her “dude”. However, and make a note gentlemen, there are about 20-30 often used apps out there that make dating someone and being loyal seriously impossible. I don’t blame these girls and here is why.


It is my belief that every girl from that generation believes shes destined to be a hippie and travel the country without a cent. It’s the same story all over and actually these girls can get away with it. Guys will always pay to have a girl around. This younger generation of females only know of the tech world. They grew up online and as we know the online world teaches sex appeal and power every second. My generation, even though its only a few years older, grew up much differently.


We didn’t depend on the internet for the ability to communicate. When I grew up, you would miss people often. Now, almost everybody is accessible. This causes havoc on relationships. For the younger generation of females, they have this romantic idea about what life is supposed to be like, but in most cases, they never had a chance from day 1. These poor girls are brainwashed.

They are into celebrities now more than ever. As a male that sickens me to know that I could go to work everyday, make six figures, but my wife is going to be obsessed with some guy on television. If you’re talking to a woman younger than 25 that usually is ALWAYS the case.


It’s sad. These young girls really can wow you with their physical attributes, however I wouldn’t be betting on having good conversation. These girls really have trouble speaking in reality. While it’s sad, maybe its a good thing. Guys my age and older really have no business being with a girl that age now more than ever. We aren’t built to speak their language for they have an incredibly different view of the world most often than not. The few year difference in the tech era is almost an eternity in today’s day in age.


(Girls such as Niykee Heaton, take countless photos like this and send them to 30 different social media websites where thirsty dudes give them all the time and attention that these young minds crave. They crave this thrill of making guys go crazy. Don’t fall victim.)

My advice to girls under 25 is be safe. I’ve said it a few times, your as dangerous as deer. You want to go here, you want to go there, you want to go everywhere, but often you lack the street smarts essential to staying safe. You want to like 30-40 different dudes daily, have a new fling, new clothes, you want it ALL. I respect that. Because of the lame dudes of the world, females hold the power.

So dudes, if you’re out on the prowl this weekend, know what you’re looking for. You’re not looking in the ocean for mermaids. You’re probably in the forest hunting Deer.


Despite writing this column, I’ll never learn. I’ll be hunting this weekend. After all, deer steak is always great for a late night snack and the taste is never affected by the deer’s personality.


– Josh King

Twitter: @joshk65

Breaking News: Being Single Doesn’t Actually Suck!


With Valentine’s Day, or “Single’s Awareness Day” as it’s now called by many, only a few weeks away, I thought that I’d give a bit of positive reinforcement to all of you who are like I, still single. I’ll admit that I’ve been single for nearly a year and a half now- and it’s by choice. Every year from New Year’s Eve until Valentine’s Day, it seems there’s always a mad rush to find a spouse. People become flat out obsessed and even massively depressed because they’re constantly reminded of spending yet another year alone. I’m here to say that it’s really not that bad to be single. Hell, it can even be healthy. I’ll admit that it did take me quite a long time to learn this lesson, but once I did life began to improve almost instantly. In this article I want to shed some light on the negatives of being in a relationship and debunk some of the excuses people use for going love bonkers.

The Negatives:

When you’re in a relationship or wanting one, you tend to ignore all the negatives. Obviously the one huge positive is sex. But let’s look at some of the negatives and see if the loss of sex is really that bad of a sacrifice.

  1. Loss of social life – It’s no secret that once you start spending time with a significant other, you tend to stop spending as much time with your friends. And in some cases, stop seeing them altogether. Many people say “oh I won’t do that,” but yes you will. It’s like the new toy that you never want to put down. Except this one plays back and it’s a better form of playing than being out with friends.
  2. Money – I once spent $300 on Valentine’s Day. Granted, I was young and foolish, I still did it. If you’re like me and money is usually tight, being in a relationship doesn’t help that any. Depending on where you live and what activities you do, it’s nothing for an average date to cost anywhere from $50- $100 each. Now imagine spending that once a week. This doesn’t include holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, I’m sorry gifts, etc. Invariably, you’re bound to have more money when you’re single.
  3. Stress – Relationships can be stressful. Between arguments and worrying about keeping the other person interested, you could end up with an ulcer. Not to mention the paranoia brought on by the idea of your someone cheating on you.
  4. Freedom in general – I’ve had girlfriends who expected me to be at their house 6 days of the week. One’s who would drive by my place of employment while I was at work just to see if my car was there; trying to catch me in a lie. I’m sorry but I don’t need someone dictating what I do and when I do it. I’m not condoning lying so you can be somewhere else. I’m just saying that relationships can be overbearing and put a strain on what you feel you’re “allowed” to do.
  5. The one you know will end – With this time of the year and the mad dash to find someone, come about May people will start to realize that they rushed into something and then they’re left with the breaking up. I don’t care who you are, that always sucks to a degree.

Those are just five of the things we sometimes give up for a relationship. Now I ask you, is all that truly worth sex? I mean it’s not like you have to be celibate while single. You just may have to work a little harder for that piece of ass.


Excuses For Wanting A Relationship:

Everyone has that “reason” why they want to be with someone. And you’d be amazed at just how often that excuse is something other than wanting “love” or a “lasting relationship.” Here are some of the most common excuses I’ve encountered and my reasons why they’re completely bullshit.

  1. “I’m not good at being single.” – I hear this one all the time. And it’s complete bullshit. Being single is doing everything you do every single day, minus having that other person. And from this one you get sub branches:
    – I can’t cook.
    – I can’t do laundry.
    – I can’t pay the bills alone.
    – Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera…
    It all usually boils down to the same thing- I can’t take care of myself. If this is the case, doesn’t that say something about you? That you should try being single for a while and learn how to actually be an adult?
  2. “I’m happier in a relationship.” – Yet another excuse that’s over used by people who are desperate to not be alone. And it’s not even remotely true. You only think you’re happier. These people spend the entire relationship trying to be what the other person wants them to be. Then when it ends you’re 10x as crushed because you worked so hard to be something you’re not just to keep them and it failed. You’re far better off to stay single a while, figure out who you want to be and how to be happy by yourself, and then finding someone who is happy with the true you.
  3. “It helps me learn what I need to fix about myself.” – Isn’t this something you can do by looking in the mirror? You do not need to cater yourself to another person’s expectations. That’s a horrible reason to be in a relationship. If I’m going to be with someone, they better love me for how and who I am. I don’t want someone who points out my flaws and wants to “fix” me.
  4. I got this next one from and yes, I’m actually quoting: “You can change your status to “In A Relationship” on Facebook, which is 60% of the reason why you got into the relationship to begin with. Acquaintances who lurk you can see it and know that you’re living a healthy well-adjusted life.” – What part of this says “healthy and well-adjusted”???? Do I really even need to explain on this one?
  5. “I hate being alone.” – So get a pet. Call a friend or your parents (God knows they’d probably love to hear from you more often.) Get out of the house and just be in public in general. All these are ways that you can keep from being completely alone and still not require a relationship. On a side note, I like to be alone every once in a while. It actually motivates me. If I’m home alone I’m significantly more likely to do laundry and wash the dishes. And it gives me time to think up some awesome rants disguised as advice- such as this one.
  6. “All my friends are in relationships!” – Here we go with the peer pressure. Did elementary school teach you nothing about how to “just say no”? If your friends are all in relationships and have abandoned you, perhaps it’s time to work on your issues with being alone. Or perhaps make some new friends. It’s always good to have a few close friends, but I’ve never heard a rule against having too many friends in general.

I’m not saying to avoid a relationship at all costs. And if you’re in a happy, functioning relationship- I’m not saying end it. Relationships can be very healthy, rewarding and amazing. All I’m saying is don’t feel like you have to focus your life and every waking hour on worrying if you’re going to find someone. If you’re unhappy, find out how to be single and happy. After all, how can you make someone else happy when you don’t make yourself happy? Don’t force something that just isn’t there for the sake of not being alone.


Being single is about YOU. It’s about learning to be happy and what you really want in life and a career. Over the past decade, divorce rates have been at an all-time high. I believe it’s because it’s become a societal norm to rush into a relationship and completely skip over the part of life where we’re supposed to learn about ourselves. Of the 5 couples I’ve known personally to be married before the age of 25, only one hasn’t ended in a divorce. And I believe those four failures are because they rushed without learning about themselves first.

The next time someone rubs it in your face that you’re still alone, or when you feel down because you’re still single- remember those negatives that you don’t have to deal with and realize that this is the perfect time to focus on you.


– Cameron Blevins

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Pittsburgh Girls Are the Worst

If you are living in a cold weather climate during the winter like me, chances are that you’ve noticed fellow humans gaining weight. The winter is brutal here. Subzero temperatures occur often. While many males in the region play winter sports like hockey and skiing, it seems that the girls of Pittsburgh spend their time eating and whoring around.


Girls are so bad around here that this woman pictured above who I would rate as a 6 max in the country is considered top tier by most in the burgh. (Some guys will roll their eyes and say she isn’t hot.. I personally don’t find her appealing) but if secret cameras could follow around these YINZER dudes I’d say 99 out of 100 take the bait.

The male to female ratio is quite ridiculous already, but when you examine it further- it’s shocking. I honestly can say that if I leave work right now and drive down the road I may see 1 attractive female out of 10. Why? Because why do they even have to try?

Pittsburgh dudes are thirsty. So thirsty that our women around here don’t even feel the need to work out. Pittsburgh is a place where your valuable just being a female. Forget needing a personality, nice boobs, or even a flat stomach. Guys around here will bang anything. Instead of being united, the males are sneaky and go behind friends backs in an effort to bang a 5 at best.


Pittsburgh encourages females to just remain the same. Fellows, if you could lay around all day smoking pot, eating pizza, and Kate Upton still knocks on your door, are you seriously going to be motivated to go to the gym? Of course not. Welcome to the life of a Pittsburgh female.


These females sit around here often having to do nothing to better themselves and still get the royal treatment from these Quakers. This is why these females continue to diminish. When I moved to Chicago last summer I noticed almost everybody of every age was attractive. I was stunned. For I saw how awful my childhood was growing up. I was paying top dollar to date girls who if I were to take out in Chicago would have been much better looking and even nicer.

What a sham!

As a male, you need females to keep you motivated. Whether it be by virtue of their sex appeal, career ambition, or loving nature- males need females. However, I’m not so sure that is the case in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh is nice and tucked geographically speaking in the United States of America. The combination of mountains, rivers, and odd bodies of water create havoc on the region at times. Speaking of odd bodies and havoc, you should see the females from Pittsburgh.

I could write all day about how great females are. Except for my home city. Pittsburgh may known as the city of champions, but Pittsburgh girls are the worst.



– Josh King
Twitter: @joshk65

The Basics: Things Every Dude Should Know

If you couldn’t tell before now, I’m really big on lists. This is my list of things that every dude (and yes, dudette) should know how to do. It kind of baffles me that there are grown people who don’t know how to do these simple and common tasks.

  • Change a flat tire – This goes for anyone who drives a car. It’s a simple task that comes in very handy. 1. It saves you money to keep from needing to call for a service to come and change it. 2. It is quicker. I can have a tire off and a new one on in less time than it takes for the service crew to arrive.flat tire
  • How to jump start a car – Just like with changing the tire, it keeps you from having to wait on a service or be dependent on a complete stranger working on your car.
  • How to check your car’s fluids – I was going to say “change” the fluids, but I decided to back it down a step. A very basic piece of knowledge is how to check the fluids and keep from blowing it up from lack of oil or coolant.
  • Do laundry – I have friends who are in their mid-20s and have no clue how to do laundry. To me, this is just one of those everyday tasks that you don’t put much thought into. Plus, nothing about “I have my mom do my laundry” or “I need you to do my laundry” says attractive.Hot-chick-doing-laundry
  • Cook your favorite meal – I covered this in a previous post once. Knowing how to make your favorite meal to perfection keeps you from being dependent on someone else. I advocate going further and learning how to cook everything you like instead of just one dish.
  • Put out a kitchen/grease fire – It happens. While cooking (especially learning how to cook) you could find yourself with a small grease fire to put out. Knowing that the box of baking soda in your fridge or cabinet can be used to extinguish the fire could mean the difference in a small scare and an insurance claim.
  • How to sew – That’s right dudes, how to sew. You wouldn’t believe how handy this little piece of know-how is. Rip your new shirt removing the tag? Sew that bad boy back together. Messenger bag’s strap comes loose? Stitch that bitch up. Crazy Ex carves her initials in your mattress? Seal it up and flip it over.
  • Drive a stick – I’ll admit that this is a personal preference, but it’s common knowledge that driving a stick helps give a better understanding of how a car works- even to those who are mechanically illiterate.
  • How to swim – The majority of the planet is covered in water. Majority of the time, our vacation plans involve some form of water leisure. Just learn how to already.
  • Simple home repairs– Leaky faucet or drain, paint touch-up, broken cabinet hinge, etc. These are all tasks that you can do in your own home and shouldn’t require bringing in a
  • Start a conversation with a stranger – At one point or another, everyone you know was once a stranger and you got to know them. Friends, coworkers, spouses- all of them. Knowing how to get to know people is an invaluable skill.
  • Properly type on a keyboard – Unless you’re over the age of 40, you should know how to properly type on a keyboard. In today’s tech driven world, few careers don’t require this simple skill.
  • Tie a tie – In any white collar career setting, a dress shirt and tie is the minimum dress code. Knowing how to get yourself dressed before work is a definite plus.
  • What to do in a natural disaster – Whether it be a tornado, flood, wildfire, house fire, etc. Know how to stay calm and have a plan in place.
  • Have a basic understanding of first aid – Know how to handle simple injuries. Minor cuts, burns, scrapes, bruises, etc. Learn how to properly disinfect and apply bandages.
  • Make your own doctor’s appointments – We’ve reached the age where we should know enough about ourselves to call the clinic and set up an appointment.nurse
  • Follow basic instructions to assemble furniture – I’m putting this one on here in regards to a family member who couldn’t assemble a simple entertainment stand from the Dollar General.
  • Say no – Know how to say no when you truly don’t want/want to do something. Don’t let anyone-family, friends, coworkers- make you do anything you truly don’t want to do.
  • How to stop complaining – There comes a time when everyone needs to recognize that they’re complaining too much. Your spouse divorced you two years ago? We’re sorry it happened, but we don’t care anymore. Cable bill went up and you lost three channels? Then deal with it or drop the cable- either way, shut up. Brother-in-law keeps bumming money to buy narcotics? Stop giving him money- oh, and shut up! The real world really doesn’t care about your problems.

Sadly, for every item listed, I know at least one person who doesn’t know how to do it.


– Cameron Blevins

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e-Wrestling Podcast


Tony, Ross and Martin host your weekly podcast covering all things wrestling including WWE, iMPACT!, ROH, Lucha Underground and much more! Catch us each week for the latest news, views and wrestling chat! We’ve got you covered on the e-Wrestling Net podcast right here on Stuff Dudes Like!

If you have an IDENTICAL Twin brother wouldn’t your girlfriend be into him too?

I often daydream of bizarre situations that I will never need to worry about, but yet here I sit and ponder this question often. If I had a twin brother who looked identical to me, would my girlfriend be sexually interested in him too?




Some of us have siblings that aren’t identical but look very much like us. And many of us are guilty of jealousy at a young age with a sibling, but what about in adult life? For example, when I see twin females, regardless of how they act I’m usually attracted to both of them or neither one. Of course there are exceptions to the rule, but pretend that both twins are identical and equal in all phases. Does my lust for one, translate to lusting for two? Obviously.




So I put myself in a girls situation. She obviously thinks you are attractive so what if you had a twin? Wouldn’t she automatically want your twin just as much. Wouldn’t this create awkwardness at times? Like say I go to the movies and leave my girlfriend and identical twin brother at the house. Wouldn’t they both be interested in doing a little more than just hang out if you catch my drift?


This is a morbid subject and I could go on for days of how uncomfortable this would make me. I thank God that I don’t have to worry about this fictional twin trying to bang my fictional girlfriend. If there are any twins out there that can relate to this feel free to let us know on Twitter @StuffDudeslike1


– Josh King
Twitter: @joshk65

Slice of Life


One thing dudes like is a man’s man and great pizza.  I’m blessed with both! My long time friend Steve is a 6’7″ tall former FDNY firefighter and is a man’s man for sure.


He has a great restaurant in historic Greenwich Village and it has Stuff Dudes Like written all over it from his Buffalo style wings to his awesome pizza.  Steve went all the way to Buffalo, NY to get the recipe for his wings! On top of that, his pizza is pure New York style pizza from head to toe! Steve uses fresh tomato sauce and cheese and does it all for a great price! Fiore’s is a great place for dudes to take chicks because their salad is super fresh – just the way chicks like it.


Steve is also a really great guy. The pizzeria is named Fiore’s after his close friend and fellow fellow FDNY firefighter Mike Fiore who passed on in 9/11. Stop by Fiore’s next time you’re in NYC – your stomach will love you for it and so will your wallet! Fiore’s is located at 165 Bleeker street New York, NY 10012. No matter where you are, it’s worth the trip and it’s also a great spot to bring chicks… and maybe find a few!

– Mike Bocchetti

TWITTER: @mikebocchetti

INSTAGRAM: mikebocchetti




Football… Sorry! – Soccer

Well, I guess there’s probably no better time to talk about Soccer than having recently heard the news that impressive English football (Sorry! – soccer) star Steven Gerrard is moving to the USA to pursue a career under one of the what seems like three teams in the US that actually has the money to spend on football players that have gone stale in English football. That’s right! Soccer isn’t just the sport that you drop your ten year old daughter off at on weekends! After the US played far, far better than the UK in the World Cup, maybe soccer might be a growing sport in the US, especially with big names trying desperately to scrape up the shattered remains of their career in a way that might be well compared to trying to catch rain in a sieve. But if you like sports and beer it might be well within your interest to go to one of the local games (Again, apologies if you live in the 96% of the country that doesn’t play the sport yet!) I’ve been to as many games as possible at my local team, and even though I support a club that find it hard to grasp even the basics of playing a sport that children in school play, there’s something about the atmosphere that is somewhat enjoyable. It should be noted, however, that i’m fully aware that this effect could just be the beer… It’s hard to tell.



Plus, it’s far far easier to follow than American football, and the only real breaks in play occur when a player decides to fling himself furiously to the floor and grab a part of his body that hasn’t even been touched.


Maybe it’s something that you’ll enjoy. I know that the various 50 year old men that stand behind me in the stands yelling insults at the referees and players certainly enjoy it, despite what they seem to say, but on a good day these people are drowned out by the loud roar of a hopefully happy crowd.

Ultimately though, the sport seems to be a growing interest in the US which is fantastic, helped along by big names like David Beckham, who became world known for the ability to curve a ball in mid flight, an achievement that must surely require more skill than it sounds, or Steven Gerrard, who is now known in the UK for slipping during a game and giving the opposition team the possession that would ultimately completely ruin his chances of finishing the season at the top of the table (Which many would call a mild inconvenience, but given how long it has been since his team last did so, he and all their fans referred to it as a massive cluster-fuck.) But the games do have a certain edge to it, something that makes people pay ridiculous amounts for the ability to watch these games. It’s not like the games break any boundaries as far as originality goes, but there are moments that I find unrivaled in other sports, like when the manager of one of the best teams in the world recently called ‘Queens Park Rangers’ “Queens Park Raisins” in a post game interview, completely unaware that he had basically called a sports team a shriveled grape and not their actual name, or when one of the players on the team I support kissed an opposition player that was squaring up to him not once, but twice, to “break the tension”. As a result, the opposition player got a yellow card. Figure that one out. Not to mention the Twitter hashtags that go around, including “ChristmasFootballNames” Which changed the names of well known players to reflect the Christmas season, for example; ‘Christian Benteke’ got changed to ‘Christian Benturkey’ which, having wrote that, now seems completely unfunny, but i’m sure there are others that are better.

Besides, there’s nowhere else now that you can meet the new signings, and yes, I’m talking about Steven Gerrard himself, and genuinely have no actual idea what he’s talking about. (I’m serious, look it up.) The Liverpool accent, particularly where Steven is concerned, is the perfect embodiment of someone ripping off their genitalia and shoving it down their throat. Then again, I come from the only area of the country with an even worse accent. But if you’re still not persuaded, then there’s also beer and food. Now if that’s not a good enough reason to at least try and watch one of Europe’s finest, and simultaneously most ridiculous sports then there is no reason to do anything.

Seriously. Beer and food.

And sport.

But mainly beer and food.

– Jack Wichard

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Quality vs. Quantity

This is something you hear in marketing all the time. Is it better to have few of something that’s going to last forever, or a lot of something you’ll need to replace once a year? And when you get into the nitty gritty of it, this is something that we can look at with just about every aspect of our lives. The food we eat, the cars we buy, the clothes we wear and even the ladies we date. I’m largely of the opinion that quality is much better than quantity. Take for example the music industry. These days you can download a brand new album the day it comes out for little (and in some cases, no) cost. At one time, buying a new album was an experience. People had a connection with their tunes on a deeper level. There was almost a ritual to it, picking out your albums, listening to them on 45s and LPs. This is why I have reverted back to listening to vinyls. There’s a nostalgia that even I, a 24 year old, can appreciate. And such is why I have an ever growing vinyl collection. It’s quality over quantity. That’s why even today, vinyls will hold more of a value than CDs or MP3s ever will.


But let’s say you’re not of the musical mindset and none of that appeal to you. What about beer? I don’t care who you are, every dude has his select preference brew over another kind. That doesn’t mean he won’t drink other brands, but given the choice, he’ll go with his preferred one. Again, it’s a quality issue.


What about the ladies? This is most definitely a quality issue. Unless you’re a player, in which case quantity seems to be the ruling factor. But for anyone who wants a real, meaningful relationship – Quality is key. Everyone has their guidelines when it comes to someone you’re dating. A few of mine:

  • Not too much make up – If she looks like she can take Bozo the Clown’s job, it’s a no-go.CrazyEyeMakeup
  • Teeth – if she looks like she’s throwing up gang signs every time she smiles, I’m sorry but I just can’t do it.teeth
  • Willing to work – Now I’m not saying she HAS to get a job, but if we’re eating Ramen every night and having to choose between what bills we’re paying this month, she better be willing to work.hard_working_lady
  • Intelligence – I need someone that I can have a reasonably intelligent conversation with. If I want to leave the room every time she opens her mouth, it’s not going to work.math

Now many people will call things like this shallow, petty or even cruel. I say those people are morons. This is an opinion piece, you have yours and I have mine. But everyone has their guidelines and whether we want to or not, we just can’t ignore the things that we know are going to bother us. I know that those four listed are hot button issues for me, so I pay attention to those when I’m dating someone. Again, it’s quality over quantity.

The point is, the next time you’re buying a car, picking up dinner, at the grocery store, downloading a song or even on a date, keep in mind- Quality over quantity.


– Cameron Blevins

Follow me: @CamOnAir