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Man’s Real Best Friend: The Cat

Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you, for years I’ve said it; cats are man’s real best friend. Now just to clarify, I have nothing against dogs. After all, I have a dog. But when you analyze it and get into the nitty-gritty, which I will, cats are a far superior pet for a man. I mean, let’s look at some of the comparisons:

  • House training- cats instinctively shit in a sandbox. They do it once as a kitten and they’ll do it until they die. Dogs are horrible to house train. Kenneling them at night, letting them out on a routine schedule… not to mention the money spent on training pads and cleaning supplies. They’re a pain in the ass to house
  • Keeping the house clean- at most a cat will shed some and maybe unroll the toilet paper. You can safely leave a cat at home and there’s a damn good chance that it’ll be in the same damn spot when you get home later that evening. Dogs on the other hand… Dogs shed, plus they have that disgusting “wet dog smell.” Dogs will also rip your home apart. Cushions ripped and scattered, trash rummaged through, and all those wonderful little piles and wet spots they leave right where you
  • Attention- Dogs are needy. They will bug the shit out of you wanting attention and never leave you alone until you do. A cat, on the other hand, might come up and suggest that you pet it. If not, no big, it’ll go lay down in its favorite spot. Persistent cat? Piss it off and you won’t see it for a week.lapdog

I like to make the comparison that dogs are like a needy/clingy girlfriend; always wanting attention and to be on top of you. I once dated a girl who had a Great Dane that thought it was a Toy Poodle. Whereas cats are more like your bro. Let’s say you just got home from a long day at work. You’re tired and you just want to set down and watch some tv. You open the door and the dog will damn near knock you down with excitement that you’re home. Cats, however; might look up and acknowledge that you’re home.

You know the saying “take a road trip with your girl and your dog in the trunk and see which one is happy to see you when you open it”? Add a cat to that mix. Girlfriend will be pissed. Dog will be happy. And the cat would just look up like “‘Sup bro?”



– Cameron Blevins

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Let’s face it… dudes have always liked the sense of power. From Attila The Hun learning to fire his first arrow to man’s first steps on the moon. Power is something we dudes thirst for like a cold beer at a baseball game or the beautiful juggs on the St Pauli beer girl (Yes I know she’s only a drawing, but boy is she stacked!)


But now in the age of the net it’s even better. You can start you own business and be independent just like our forefathers (You know, like George Washington but with better teeth) always wanted us to be!


Sites like ours (Stuff Dudes Like), the interrobang and buzzntheburgh are here through that empowerment and it’s great!

Dudes and dudetts, there’s no need to take crap from idiots in cubicles anymore! And just remember dudes, ladies love the power of a sweat smelling, beef jerky eating, “I was a centerfold in soldier of fortune magazine” empowered 21 st century Millenium man!!



– Mike Bocchetti

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Happy Fun Time Sports


Sports, Beer, and Melissa’s Boobs. We’re not terribly deep, but we’re definitely entertaining.

Social Media Morons

We’ve all encountered them in our friends list at one point or another. You know who they are; and if you’re one of them, you know who you are. The people, whose social media activity seems to have no intention other than irritating you to no end. Whether they’re friends, family or acquaintances, you can’t help but notice the annoyance that accompanies every post they make. In this column, I want to highlight a few that jump out to me on an almost daily basis and delve into the possibilities as to why they post this vexatious content.

  • Marriage Maniacs – These people post nonstop about, you guessed it, getting married. Whether they just got engaged or they’re newlyweds- they feel the need to constantly remind everyone about it. Everything from posting pictures of the engagement ring with captions of “She/I said yes!” to statuses giving wedding updates or ideas. Why do they do this? Being unmarried and without any prospects or current intention of ever being married, I cannot give a confidently accurate answer. My only guess would be that they think that seeing their joy will bring others joy; which is a great concept. However, after a point you get sick of seeing it and just want to unfollow them. To any of you Marriage Maniacs reading, give it a rest already. We know you’re getting/just got married. We don’t care as much as you think we do.annoying
  • Baby Pic Blasters – This usually comes after they move out of the Marriage Maniac phase. From the moment they find out that they’re pregnant until the kid is about 5 years old, all you see is positive pee tests, baby bumps, baby clothes, and anything else baby related you can think of. While I do agree that babies are cute, I don’t want to see your kid in my feed every single day. Again, being without a child or any intentions of having one, I can’t give a reason why they do this other than to say that they love their child so much that they want to share it with the rest of social media. And that is wonderful in my opinion. BUT- Let’s cut it back to just the major stuff, shall we? First off- Pee tests. That’s disgusting. “Here’s a stick that I peed on! YAYYYYY!!!!” No. Stop it. Secondly, unless you’re about to pop, we really don’t care about baby bumps. Thirdly, let’s keep the baby pics to a minimum and use them for the big stuff. First haircut? Yes. First tooth coming in? Yes. First steps? You bet. Drooling in the playpen? No. Save that stuff for the physical photo album, not the virtual
  • Gaming Goobers – I almost left these guys off the list, then someone sent me a game request and it enraged me enough to include it. These people must have no lives and feel the need to live through the games on Facebook such as Farmville and the likes. You want to play a mediocre game online? Go for it. But keep in mind that I will not watch your farm, I will not give you power ups and I will not be giving you extra lives. Few things can match the annoyance of getting a notification every five minutes asking for help with a game that you don’t play. Just stop it.REQUEST
  • Love me” Lurkers – These people are pretty sad when you think about it. Another common name for these people is “Attention Whores.” They come in many flavors, but the most common are the ones who do these two things. And admittedly, I as well as you, have been guilty of this at times.
    1. They’ll post status updates simply saying something like: “Gonna be home all evening. Message me if you wanna talk.” – basically, they’re begging for someone specific to message them, but doing it in a cryptic manner. Or they really just want someone, anyone to message them.
    2. They fish for compliments by posting pictures of themselves and then caption it with “I’m so ugly,” “such a wreck,” etc… They thrive off the wave of incoming compliments of “you’re beautiful,” or “sexy!” The other form of this is the obviously hot people who post about being single all the time and then the onslaught of opposite sex singles who comment on it.
    This isn’t as annoying as much as it’s just pathetic in social media today. We’ve got to the point where event cryptic status updates can be recognized by the average user for what it is. You’re not fooling anyone, so again, just stop it. Get a real life.fry
  • Religious Nuts – Now I’ll be the first to say that there’s nothing wrong with being religious and having your faiths. Even I, as sinful as I can be, say a prayer before I go to sleep. However, please stop cramming it down my throat. Again, there are two main types with this brand of media moron as well:
    1. The silent prayer requests- These people will post asking everyone to please pray for (insert cause). This is ok and is a nice sentiment. But there are a few no-nos. First, please don’t request for yourself. Even if you really mean it, it just looks like you’re crying for attention. Secondly, don’t post this for every problem that pops up. My family member has cancer, please pray- Yes. My car’s transmission is being looked at today, please pray- No!
    2. The ones who post the pictures- We’ve all seen the pictures. “LIKE IF YOU LOVE GOD,” “Share or you hate Jesus!” Really? Do you really think the Almighty cares if I repost a picture that some nut job made in Paint? Personally, I’d like to think that He has other priorities.
    These people are blatantly trying to guilt you into professing your faith. That’s not how religion is supposed to work.Buddy_christ
  • My Life Is AWESOME” Liars – This group of people is one of the most prevalent. They’re constantly updating to let you know just how happy they are and how amazing their life is going. In reality, this is probably just a lie. Rule of thumb: the more often they post about it, the less awesome it is going. If your life is soooo amazing right now, how/why do you have time to remind us about it so much?dawson
  • Breakup Bandits – The ones who have just recently gotten out of a relationship and won’t let you forget it. Whether they’re “happy” about it and going on and on about how much better off they are or they’re devastated and go on and on about how they’re life is nothing now. These are the people who you wonder how they were in a relationship to begin with. Newsflash: we don’t care.crying

It all boils down to this- Social media has become less social. Originally it was supposed to be a way to connect with other people. Because you know, using the telephone and being publicly social was too difficult. But now social media has become just like every other aspect of society – it’s been engulfed by the “me” mindset. We no longer go online to see what everyone else is up to; we now go online to let everyone else know what we’re up to. Bad thing? Good thing? You decide. I just supply an opinion.


– Cameron Blevins

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Nice girls should be treated like Queens

It’s normal for guys to treat girls terribly. I’ve been guilty of bashing women online myself. I often forget to remind myself that not every woman is evil and sometimes my writing may offend good women when that never is the intention.

nice girls 1

Women are sacred. They are the mothers of our children. They are the backbone to our society. Good women are crucial to our survival in this country. Naturally, they should be treated as gold but my generation doesn’t do that. Instead we turn on them and often take them for granted. Why? Because one bad egg ruins the dozen for us.



Then we often run into a dozen bad eggs and it can ruin eggs in general. It’s hard to spend 11 months worshiping a girl believe me I know. Treating her like gold, taking her everywhere you go, it can really be expensive. Then one night they can pull an ill advised stunt that leaves you speechless. They can hurt you. Chances are you won’t be as nice to the future girl and the cycle repeats itself over and over again.


There are plenty of women out there who are just bad eggs and we usually allow one heartbreak to dictate our opinions on all females. It’s wrong and I’m one of the most guilty culprits. I have met some women who have had to deal with circumstances so far beyond what they should, yet I don’t see them bashing men online. These women sit in silence and wait for prince charming to come. Good women deserve good moral men.


Sadly, our generation produces more assholes than charmers. Its a vicious cycle. I see people cheating on each other now more than ever and that isn’t the solution. Perhaps we all can change, but until we do, we must do a better job as dudes avoiding breaking hearts.

If you can’t be faithful in a relationship then don’t be in one. But don’t break a good woman’s heart. Because there are very few left. Let’s do a better job treating nice girls as Queens.



– Josh King

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Dude-ship in the Real World

The past few days I’ve been at a bit of a road block on the writing front. So, I fled to social media and asked what you thought I should write/rant about. After entertaining suggestions such as dealing with road rage and the finer points of summer sausage and mustard, I’ve landed on a topic that was suggested by Raymond Gulbrandsen on twitter (@RaymondGulbr). Today, I want to talk about mistakes, responsibility and how those relate to ourselves and how we fit in the real world.

A part of life and growing up is learning to take on responsibilities and own up to your mistakes. We all make mistakes. It’s one of the many and irrefutable facts of life. Coming to terms with these two aspects of adulthood, taking responsibility and making mistakes, seems to be an issue that affects this generation on an almost pandemic level. I’m going to break this article down into two separate rants that ultimately lead to the same conclusion. Fair warning- I will be touching on sensitive subjects such as welfare, unemployment, and abortion. Please keep in mind this is an opinion piece. And remember what granny says, “opinions are like assholes…”



Everywhere you look, you see people ducking out of responsibility. You get pulled over for speeding and you try to talk your way out of it, knowing full well that you were speeding. You borrow money from someone and instead of telling them that you don’t have it yet or setting up a routine payment schedule, you avoid them like the plague for months. You complain about being fat, unemployed, single, etc- and you don’t do a single thing differently to change it. There’s a quote from Einstein that says the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. While the validity of that being a quote from Einstein is up for debate, the lesson in the words isn’t. Change comes from taking responsibility and making an effort. Tired of being fat? Eat better and be more active. Tired of being single? Make an effort to meet people. Unemployment about to run out? Actively look for a job instead of doing the bare minimum.

There are several factors that all come into play here, but the end result is this: we are a society that worships the art of avoiding responsibility. One reason why we avoid it so much is that we have groomed ourselves into a society of self-entitlement. Why take responsibility to earn something when I feel it should just be given to me? I can’t get a job? I deserve unemployment. I’m overweight? I need free healthcare. I want to have loads of casual sex? I deserve free birth control and abortions. It all stems from a lack of responsibility on the person in the first place. Can’t get a job? Maybe just you refuse to get a job that’s beneath you? I went from working as a television production technician to picking up trash on the side of the road for two years on a litter crew. And that was a JOB. Not community service, not a punishment; I did it for a paycheck. Was it embarrassing? Yes. Did I feel it was beneath me? Yes. But I did it before eventually moving into radio and now writing. People forget that they can work a job that’s not what they want until they find something that they do want. Overweight? I’d argue free gym memberships over free healthcare for being overweight. But no, no one wants something that requires them to do something in return for the benefits. Free birth control and abortions? Why not just be more cautious with your sexual activity? Everyone is looking to someone else to solve problems that they could remedy themselves by simply taking on the responsibility themselves. Wake up people! Since when are we okay with putting so much stock and dependence into others?


Making Mistakes

As I said earlier, it happens. No matter how much you prepare. We all make mistakes along the way. But it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Mistakes are how we learn. Everything from math and spelling in elementary school to careers, friends, and finances in adulthood; we learn through mistakes. I know people whose lives are stuck in a rut because they’re terrified of making a mistake and dealing with the wrong outcome. I say, isn’t being stuck in the rut a worse mistake? We can’t let the fear of doing the wrong thing dictate how we live out our lives. Afraid to ask that person out? Which is worse, not asking them out when they would have said yes, or asking them out and receiving a no? How about not asking for that raise when you deserve it, or asking for it and getting it because you took initiative and asked? In both statements, the first option is worse in my opinion.

The point is to not be afraid to make mistakes. But coming back to the theme of the article, one must remember when making mistakes that it’s also important to own up to them. Make a mistake at work? Own up to it! Don’t pass it off on someone else. Use it as a learning opportunity so that you don’t make that mistake again. In other words, take responsibility for that mistake.

Earlier I said that these two rants would lead to the same conclusion. And so, here it is: Dudes, grow up; take responsibility for your own lives and when making mistakes, own up to them instead of blaming others. Welcome to the real world, now get to work.


– Cameron Blevins

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Sex in Thailand

As far as I can ascertain, the Thai sex industry is divided into four main categories: the ubiquitous street worker, the Go-go or Girly bar girls / ladyboys, ‘massage’ parlor girls, and what I shall refer to as the ‘freelancer’ – by far the most dangerous if all you’re after as a young man on a night out is a girl who is mutually attracted to you, with no strings attached. Unfortunately, when it comes to sex in Thailand, there’s not so much strings attached as thick, gnarly ropes, which can bind you like a turkey and leave you hanging, high and dry.

A Thai go-go dancer walks home in Bangkok

My curiosity with this subject has led me to discuss it with many people over the years, from fellow travelers to Thai nationals, both the sex workers themselves, and mere civilians. My most recent source is Poi.

Meet Poi. She is a beautiful, petite, young woman, glamorously attired in a simple black dress and heels, and made up in evening make-up despite it being three o’clock on a hot, humid afternoon. She is sitting indolently on a discolored plastic chair at the front of a shabby shop; I can’t remember its name, but it has the word ‘massage’ in the title, and although the front has dusty glass panels, there’s heavy curtains, which belie the fact that massages are the only service available in this delightful establishment.

Massage Parlour - Thailand

Upon noticing my brother and I, she leapt off her seat, gave a high pitched scream of faux excitement, grinned, and waved with such enthusiasm that I had a quick glance around to make sure we were the intended recipients of such an extraordinary greeting. We were. We smiled and waved back, but walked hurriedly on, not wishing to express an interest that might lead to a prolonged verbal exchange across the street. But I began to feel a little tenseness in my shoulders and back shortly thereafter. Perhaps it was the journey from Koh Phangan a few days previously, but whatever it was, I felt a massage later that evening would do me the power of good…

And so, after enjoying a bowl of spicy noodle soup from a nearby street vendor, I happened upon the massage parlor once more. There she was, grinning again: “Good massage, good price! You come in.” She took me by the arm. I smiled, and obliged. I asked her name. “Poi.” “Can I have the oil massage please, Poi? Three hundred baht, no?” The prices were displayed on yellowed paper on the wall. “Yes, yes, oil better!”

She locked the door, half pulled the curtains, and led me back to a tiny, windowless room, brightly lit with a florescent tube light. She talked incessantly. She was annoyed about the infestation of ants and explained in detail her tactics for thwarting them: hanging food on door knobs in plastic bags and spraying the place with ant repellent, but only at night – “not good to breathe”. She finally told me to take off my clothes, all, and left.

Unsure if this meant my boxers, I decided to keep them on to be on the safe side; I had only signed up for a massage, after all. When Poi returned a few minutes later, she looked me up and down, frowned, and said, “All”, impatiently pulling at the elastic of my underwear. I smiled, and obliged.

If Poi could move her hands as well as she could move her lips, she would certainly be working on one of the expensive massage parlors on Chaweng’s main strip: these, unlike the shop I found myself in, are professional outfits with highly trained staff. Her English was only fair, and so heavily accented I missed half of what she was saying. But she had such a lot to say.


Not long into the massage she was offering me extras. “Blow job, Boom-Boom (a euphemism for sex which always seems to suggest a rather premature ending to the proceedings) one thousand, but better for me two.” I was prepared for this, and told her I had a girlfriend. She seemed incredulous and asked if she was here. “No”. She turned her mouth down to demonstrate her displeasure, “So why problem? No good for me no extra. I need money!”

Poi’s story is almost identical to the ones I’ve heard a multitude of times from talking to girls all over the islands. She’s from somewhere in the north; she has children; she had them young; the father left; her parents look after the children; they are getting old and can no longer work like they used to; she has worked in a factory to support her family, but the hours are long and the money is too little. And this is how she finds herself in her current predicament. Yet there’s never any attempt to gain sympathy. They just state the facts of their lives when asked, and then attempt to turn the conversation to more practical matters.

Poi gently berates us Farang (foreigners) for not looking after our parents. “Farang want freedom. That’s all. Just freedom. Don’t see parents for long time. Don’t care. Thai not like that. You understand? Thai different.” I ask her about Farang and Thai women’s relationships. “Farang want to meet good Thai lady, he go slowly. He go slowly every day. Not in bar. Thai lady in bar for money.”


These are the ‘freelancers’ I referred to earlier. It is a sad fact, I know, and hard for the ego to take, but fellas, if you meet a pretty Thai girl in a bar or nightclub, and they won’t be in Go-Go bars where the dynamic between patron and attendant is obvious, they are not interested in you for anything other than the contents of your wallet. Sorry, but I know this from cold, hard experience.

Poi seems disappointed I have refused her extra services. She tells me the money she makes from extras is hers, but the lady who owns the establishment takes all the money from the massages themselves. I’m almost tempted… And therein lays the paradox: one could take the extras and help the girl out whilst enjoying carnal pleasures (however brief they may be advertised). But surely doing this only helps to ensure the perpetuity of a system that is clearly not conducive to the happiness and well-being of those trapped in it? It’s a tough one, and whatever side you come down on, it’s worth thinking about.

I tipped Poi handsomely, hugged her, and left. But conversely for a massage, I felt worse after it than I had before. I was depressed. Thailand may be the land of smiles, but who knows what melancholy lies beneath them?


– Hugh Hamilton

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Say it ain’t so Gordo

Editor’s note: Making his last chaotic Daytona 500 qualifying run, Jeff Gordon learned from the mistake he made last year when he waited too long to start his green flag run. This time he crossed the start finish line with 1 second remaining to get the greatest possible draft from the cars in front of him to grab the Pole for the Great American Race.

Anyone that knows me, knows I am a racing nut. I wasn’t raised that way however, I’m not from a rural town and blue collar parents. I didn’t grow up going to dirt tracks or anything like that. Quite the opposite.


I remember the race quite vividly, but I have had trouble tracking down what year it happened (I was 8 or younger, so some key details have escaped me.)

I was home and someone had left the TV on, on was a NASCAR event that I believe was an exhibition for the Daytona 500 the next day. On the final restart Jeff Gordon was in the lead and Dale Jarrett was on the outside, I had never seen a stock car race before so I was just trying to keep up. Jarrett jumped the restart and won the event, a very upset Jeff Gordon in the post race interview said something to the effect “If NASCAR won’t rule properly about Dale jumping, then I’ll just have to win tomorrow.” This young, well spoken kid did just that the next day as I watched. I was hooked.

It is because of Jeff Gordon that I will watch or attend anything related to racing. I go to Watkin’s Glen International Raceway multiple times a year. I support my local dirt track, I’ll watch any racing event on TV, all because of Gordo. The reason you even know NASCAR exists is because Jeff Gordon brought it main stream.


So this year as I will be writing weekly NASCAR Fantasy columns, I’ll also have a focus on the 24 car.

It took me some time to write this because I spent most of the week in disbelief. I’ve watched him race every weekend for two decades and next year that won’t be the case. Usually when a driver retires they don’t pass the torch to anyone except in rare instances. Luckily, Jeff said a few years ago to keep an eye on this Kyle Larson kid, “he reminds me of me.” He sure does.

– Adam Dulski

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Who Would of Thunk It? The New York Islanders are Tops in Metro Division at the All-Star Break

time is now

I have been an Islander fan since the beginning of the 1992-93 season. If you told me before the season that the Isles would be the top team in the metro and only one point behind Tampa Bay for top team in the East, I probably would have asked you to pinch me. But here we are! Now I already knew this team was better than the 79 point finish they had last season. The Islanders were held together the previous season with an AHL defense and a 38 year old goaltender Evgeni Nabokov, whose best playing days were certainly behind him. I respected Nabokov’s time here – he brought calmness and leadership to a very young and inexperienced locker room. The season was already down the drain by the time Islanders captain John Tavares went down with a torn MCL and torn meniscus in his knee suffered during the Olympics in Sochi, Russia. It was very clear after last season the Islanders could score goals, and at times in bunches, but would they be able to keep the puck out of their own net?

Islanders General Manager Garth Snow first had to find a true number one goaltender. Since the Islanders were weak in the goaltending department in their own farm system, Snow had to look elsewhere to find his guy. In the past it had been impossible to woo any top free agents to come to Long Island mainly because the Islanders play in the oldest building in the NHL and prior to last season nobody knew where the Islanders would be playing in the future, whether it would be Kansas City or Quebec. This year we know with certainty the Islanders are staying on Long Island, albeit in Brooklyn, and they have a new home in the state of the art Barclays Center. Still Snow had to make a big splash to get his number one spot. On May 1, 2014 the Islanders sent a fourth round pick to the Washington Capitals in exchange for Jaroslav Halak. Only two shorts months later Halak was due to become an unrestricted free agent. It took Snow 22 days to get Halak to ink a four year, $18 million contract. Goaltending, check.

A few short weeks before the 2014-15 season was to begin, the Islanders still looked very weak on the back end of the ice. A better, younger goaltender in Halak was going to make a difference and getting Visnovsky back from injury was a plus also. Visnovsky was injured most of the 2013-14 season and was limited to only 24 games played, but like Nabokov he was also showing a lot of miles. Then came the day that every Islanders fan will remember for a long time to come: the day that cemented Garth Snow in the hearts of every Islanders fan – October 4, 2014. The first deal I heard go down was the Johnny Boychuk deal. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. The Islanders acquired Boychuk from the Boston Bruins for two picks and a conditional pick. It was unbelievable to get a player that was at the peak of their career and not on the back end. He had Stanley cup playoff experience to boot, even winning a cup with Boston in 2011. I was still riding the high when the next deal was announced. We were getting Nick Leddy, the young talented defenseman from the Chicago Blackhawks. I almost hit the roof with excitement. Two great solid defenseman and both of which won Stanley Cups. In one day Garth Snow almost assured the Islanders would finally end their playoff series win drought. The Islanders haven’t won a playoff series since the first year I started watching them when they knocked out twotime defending Stanley Cup Champion the Pittsburgh Penguins in game seven on David Volek’s overtime goal in 1993. Now it will be up to Garth Snow to see if the Islanders can sign both Boychuk and Leddy to new contracts before their current contracts expire at the end of the season. Defense, check.

garth smilingGarth Snow is all smiles after looking like a genius this season

Driving the success behind this season has been the diehard fans of this once downtrodden franchise.  The fans have sold out the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum eleven times this year already and will most likely sell out most of the second half too. Put a winning team on the ice and the fans will come. What was once a hindrance to attract free agents is now pulling the current New York Islander players into its old magic and mystique. This is the last old barn in hockey. Go to a game at the Coliseum when the crowd is rocking. There is nothing that compares to it. It can get so loud you can’t hear yourself think. The fans in the uppermost sections can even touch and bang on the retro fitted luxury boxes for added noise. The current players have embraced this crazed atmosphere and they have also adopted the Yes! Yes! Yes! Chant said loudly after each Islander goal scored this season. The chant was conceived by a rabid section of the Islanders fan base called the 329 Army that sits together in section 329 at every home game at the coliseum. Insane sellout crowds, check.

Do I believe the Islanders are a legitimate Stanley Cup Contender? The jury is still out on that one. The Pittsburgh Penguins and New York Rangers are nipping at their heels to take over the metro division lead. However, I believe the Islanders will end their playoff series win drought at the conclusion of this season. They still have a lot of work ahead of them to be real contenders come playoff time. First, their penalty kill is only 74.4%, tied with the Philadelphia Flyers and only ahead of the Buffalo Sabres. Their powerplay is only middle of the pack at 19.2%. Islander’s head coach Jack Capuano continues to play Halak too much and he definitely looked tired his last two starts, giving up six and four goals to the Montreal Canadians and Philadelphia Flyers respectively. It is hard to fault Capuano though as Islanders backup goaltender Chad Johnson has looked god awful this season for the team in his limited playing time.

coliseumEven with all its faults, the Coliseum will be missed

This has definitely been a season to remember for the last one at the Coliseum. I already took a second mortgage out on the house to secure my tickets for the final regular season home game and will be making the drive down from Buffalo to see it all go down. I wouldn’t miss it for the world – I had to be there. The building is magic and has already seen four Stanley Cup championship teams on Long Island. One day I hope to be part of a fifth championship and finally the team seems poised to do that in the next couple of years. But just in case, can somebody pinch me to make sure I am not dreaming?

yes chantFans celebrating after an Islander goal with the Yes, Yes, Yes Chant!

– Damian Mikrut

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The Cagle and Cory Show


The Cagle and Cory Show is comprised of two people, Dylan Cagle and Cory Bowlin. The duo plans on making podcasting a career in the future.