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Why Dudes Love Pointless TV


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All men have experienced the undisguised eye rolling from their girlfriends or significant other halves when coming home from a long, tiring day at work with only one thing on their minds. Family Guy.

Unknown to women why so many men choose to unwind or spend entire days off by possessing the remote control and engaging in to uninterrupted marathons of Family Guy, American Dad, The Cleveland show or any other meaningless shows where the main joke or theme of the episode is a naked butt or an unexpected burping dog. Yes that’s how random most of these shows are and yet they are enjoyed by millions of people around the world.

The reason why men consider these type of shows as favorites is because they like the idea of escapism. Escaping to a world where there are no real worries or concerns. Where the protagonists are dimwitted and awkward, talking animals are their best friends and real worries like money, rent, work and terror don’t exist. The swearing and sexual references throughout the shows also amuse men in ways that women could only consider as politically and socially incorrect.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that men will continue to list shows like Family Guy and The Simpsons as their favorite TV shows so instead of begrudging their men, women should try to find the comedic side in social outcasts trying to catch the attention of the opposite sex with their pants down and their drinks up, whilst their talking pets try to conquer the world with the baby genius of the family. And who knows? Homer Simpson may just become their Man Crush Monday!



– Aneesa Mirza

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Another F’N Podcast With Izzy Presley

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Another FN Podcast is my outlet to do it my way. To bring on the guests I want to bring on and talk about what ever I FN want. Yes, there will be celebrities. I’m the Owner/operator of Izzy Presley Productions, host of Under The Covers and singer for “ACK!” A Tribute to Ace Frehley. Join me on Stuff Dudes Like every week for new episodes!




Genre: Puzzle, Racing
Release Date: March 15, 2011
Platform: Nintendo Wii, Sony PSP
Price: $9.99 (OR LESS!)



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It appears that the future is upon us and as far as I can tell, it’s all about giant silver balls racing along rooftops. At least that’s what Vertigo for the PSP would have me believe.

The premise behind Vertigo is to control a giant sphere, or “Xorb” in this case, along sky-high tracks in an attempt to make it to the finish without running out of time or rolling off the edges. You’ll have to make your way through twists and turns, frequently speeding up for jumps or slamming on the brakes before flying off into the abyss.

The game requires a delicate balance of speed and finesse that will have you both pulling your hair out and jumping for joy, depending on your level of success. You can also trying jumping from platforms to lower portions of the levels, but if your shortcut bypasses a checkpoint you’ll receive nothing more than a “Level Failed” message waiting for you at the finish line.





There are a total of 54 stages that span 9 different worlds which can be played in a few different game modes. Career mode takes you from world to world, conquering all of the tracks one by one. Arcade mode lets you beat levels to unlock new levels through a pyramid-styled branching path. You can then go back to any finished stages and play through again to take different paths and unlock all the levels. There are also time-trials and a practice mode to help you learn the nuances of the more difficult stages, turning hair-pulling into joy-jumping. The final mode is called Xorb Bowling. Send your Xorb down the lane to knock pins over. You’ll have to make sure to go fast enough to knock pins down but so fast as to lose control or fly over the top of the pins entirely. You can also play Bowling with up to four friends.

The controls are extremely tight and have thankfully been kept simple. Use the directional pad or analog nub to move the Xorb; pressing X gives you a turbo boost, the O button is the brake and L and R move the camera. Its easy for a game like this to ruin itself with shoddy controls, but Vertigo is responsive to your commands at every turn.

Being “the future”, all the levels are full of neon lights, funky techno music and futuristic sound effects. They all work in a kind of silly “Future in the 80s” kind of way and add to Vertigo’s charm. Despite this, the graphics looked more like an original Playstation game and less like what I have come to expect from Sony’s current-gen handheld.

For more than twenty years I have waited for a modern remake of Marble Madness. Super Monkey Ball came close but it didn’t have the look of Midway’s arcade classic. Vertigo might not be Marble Madness ’11, but with Midway out of business it’s probably about as close as I’m ever going to get. And honestly, that’s not such a bad thing — Vertigo is fast paced and fun. It’s both futuristic and retro all at the same time which isn’t something a lot of games can say. It may sometimes make you want to launch your PSP across the room, but it fills a void that has been empty for a long time and is well worth taking a look at.














– Keith White Jr.

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Bad Fantasy Advice 12/16/14 – Adam Dulski


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Back for more eh?

If you’re reading this you are in the fantasy championship most likely, or one of those crappy leagues that goes to week 17, either way, here is some more bad fantasy advice.

You certainly don’t want to grab Carlos Hyde or Joseph Randle off waivers to insure your precious RBs, as I’ve said before we don’t need no stinking insurance. Was that a double negative?


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You absolutely want to pick up and start CJ Spiller, he’s proven to be a reliable work horse RB. Speaking of amazing Bills talent, Sammy Watkins continues to be a must start and the best use of multiple 1st round picks in recent memory.  A close second is another must start, RG3.

As I’ve been saying all along, Chris Polk is the future RB1 of the eagles. Lesean who? Peyton Manning’s bulging arm muscles continue to impress and looks to remain the top fantasy QB for years to come. I would be ecstatic to own him in Dynasty formats, just like Mark Sanchez and Jay Cutler.

Rob Ryan proved he’s one of the best defensive minds in football and I’m sure he’ll keep it going next week making the Saints D a must start.

-Adam Dulski

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Bad Fantasy Advice


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Everyone wants the best fantasy advice and even more claim to give it, well I am here to give terrible fantasy advice.

 Julio Jones is injured, everyone would tell you to grab Harry Douglas as insurance, our generation doesn’t do insurance, leave him on waivers so your opponent can use him against you. Same with James Starks and Knile Davis, nope don’t do it.


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Peyton was a mess last week, you should certainly bench him this weekend in your playoff game. Yes, you should start Derek Anderson and he obviously increases Kelvin Benjamin’s value. Trent Richardson is obviously the better RB play over Dan Herron in Indy.

Over on the West coast Colin Kaepernick is a must start, and yes, you should absolutely bench the seahawks D at home against him. Donte Moncrief? I’m just not seeing it. Nah, gotta go with the youngin Reggie Wayne.

As the Browns coaching staff told us, Josh Gordon sucks, he just sucks at life and it certainly had nothing to do with Brian Hoyer being his QB, he’ll be even worse this week compared to last week’s 2 receptions for 15 yards with Johnny Football at the helm.


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 If you hated this article, you are really going to hate Stephen Colbert on the “The Late Show”.



-Adam Dulski


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Superman (iOS)



Genre: Action
Release Date: November 18, 2011
Platform: iOS, iPhone
Price: $0.99




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It’s a bird, It’s a plane, It’s… another sub-par Superman game! Superman might be the Man of Steel but his video game history has been more of a rusty slab of metal.

Ever since I got (and was let down by) Superman: The Game in a shoebox full of Atari 2600 games, I have played many of Earth’s greatest hero’s digital adventures. Each time I went in hoping for a chance to really feel like Superman. Unfortunately, it seems like they were all programmed with a Kryptonite computer because they make Superman feel more like Mediocreman, or Terribleman.

Now, iOS devices are getting a chance to live in the world of Kal-El in the aptly titled Superman. While it may be one of the best Superman games to date… all is not as well as I had hoped for.

The game starts promisingly, with an art style that lends itself to it’s comic books roots. Cut scenes are done in comic book panel style with well drawn pictures that really set the mood. At the same time, the story itself is boring and at times contradictory to itself, feeling more like filler than anything else. The premise is a classic DC tale. Lex Luthor says he’s out to save the world and while Superman isn’t convinced, he has to go along with it until he knows for sure. But problems in the story start creeping up like a cutscene that has Lex sending troops out to help you defeat an enemy only to have the game task you with you with stopping Lex’s men, with no secondary villain even in the mission. You’re just fighting Lex’s men for no reason.



The in-game 2D world is colorful and filled with cars, people and buildings. Everything is too small on the screen, but it’s at least animated well. Everyone should get the chance to fly up from the streets of Metropolis, past the top of the Daily Planet, through the clouds into space and back down again, despite the rest of the game.

The controls work well and, for the first time, really give you an idea of what it feels like to be Superman. There is no button to fly, just move the virtual joystick up and off he goes. Move closer to the ground and he will walk or run along the street. There is a turbo button and one action button which will handle whatever super power is needed for the given situation. Unfortunately, most of the time you will end up using super breath to put out fires, super speed to knock over bank robbers running down the street or super strength to stop some random giant object falling from the sky towards the city. It’s fun when its fresh and new, but after a few missions of doing the same things over and over again it gets tiresome and boring.

The sound seems to have come from some generic sound effect database and, while they fit, they are nothing to write home about. The music is repetitive and irritating. All dialog is handled through on screen text, so turning the sound off wouldn’t be the worst idea when playing.

As a huge Superman fan I can say this game isn’t a total waste of my App Store dollars, but for anyone other than hardcore fans that were looking to get into Superman’s tights, I would save save your money for some actual Superman comics, a Superman lunch pail or maybe the Smallville 62-disc entire series box set that recently came out. Now there’s money well-spent.














– Keith White Jr.

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Santamazing! 5 last-minute gifts for the gamer dude in your life.





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You may not want to admit it but Christmas is right around the corner. Black Friday has come and gone, its only a matter of time before the big red guy lands on your roof and squeezes his ample behind down your chimney, eats all your cookies, drinks all your milk and leaves you a combo of argyle socks and tighty whiteys with pictures of Pokemon on them. But some people out there really struggle on getting stuff for their friends who love things like unranked smurfs, and yet they have no idea what that is. They don’t know what to get that Xbox-playing friend or loved one this holiday season, and that’s where your old pal Keith comes in. Here are my top five non-game gifts for gamer dudes in your life!

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5. Pac-Man shot glasses

The original ghost buster has been chomping away at the underworld for more than 20 years. He’s also managed to get married, have a baby, race in Mario Kart Arcade and even star in a cartoon show. But even with all that on his plate he never once stopped smiling. How you ask? Pac-Man brand shot glasses filled with wonderful, delicious, pain-forgetting booze — it’s better than a power pellet! Now when your eating fruit you found on the ground of the maze you’re wandering about, chasing scared blue ghosts back to their lair with threats of eating all but their eyes, you can be be drunk off your ass just like our favorite yellow guy. You might even get yourself a cartoon show, though a guest spot on COPS is more likely.

4. Sega Dreamcast tissue box covers

For some reason, tissue companies have no idea that gamers (or guys in general for that matter) use tissues. Guys without sleeves, anyway. The boxes I find at the store have roses printed on them, or are pink and girlie. It’s embarassing — there’s nothing worse than schooling your friends during Call of Duty deathmatches and being made fun of while they wipe their tears from their faces with tissues from the box that has pictures of puppies wearing police hats on it.

Fret no longer — you can be the envy of the neighborhood, blowing you nose in style with an awesome Dreamcast tissue box cover! The lid opens just like the real system did, revealing tissues instead of a game. Never again do you have to feel like a wimp because you are emotionally attached to the games you love. Now it will be cool to reach for tissues when Nazomi tells Ryo she’s moving away forever, Aeris’ death, or that tear wrenching first time we found out “the princess is in another castle.” There’s no word on plans for black “Sega Sports” branded edition, but my fingers are crossed.

3. Guitar Hero: Air Guitar Rocker

What’s the worst part about playing Guitar Hero? If you said “Having to stop playing Guitar Hero!” then the Guitar Hero: Air Guitar Rocker was made for you. Boardroom meeting? More like “bored” room meeting, am I right? Jump up on the table, rock out to some Bon Jovi and watch those suits loosen up. Forced to go see Letters from Juliet at the local mega-plex with your girlfriend and can’t stay awake for another minute? Get in front of that screen and have your very own air guitar concert in front of 100 screaming girls just like the rock star you really are. Now no matter where you are or what your doing, you can turn out the jams like nobody’s business! Prepare to rock this holiday season like a hurricane!

2. Super Mario Pinata

Most people, at least the people I know, don’t think pinata when they think Christmas gift, but hooking someone up with a Super Mario pinata just might change that. What could be better then spending Christmas morning blindfolded and dizzy with a few friends, beating the crap out of a mustached Italian with a random plank of wood?

Plus, there’s always all that delicious candy. And if the old Garfield Halloween special (the one with the ghost ship) has taught me anything, candy makes anything better. Even Christmas. I smell a new tradition in someone’s life with this present.

1. Shenmue: The Movie

So you have a game that cost more to make than most Hollywood movies, and you released it on a system where its impossible to make even close to your money back because it would take each and every Dreamcast owner buying two copies of the game… so what do you do? Use the in game cinemas and some gameplay footage to make a movie and release it in Japan — completely in English — of course!

Then, take that same, totally English speaking movie and only release it in the US as a pack-in in the Xbox version of Shenmue 2 because you know that most Xbox gamers never owned a Dreamcast and have no idea what Shenmue is to begin with. Then, after Shenmue 2 doesn’t sell, you do the same thing with its in-game cinemas and leave the world with a cliffhanger ending that will never be solved. And people wonder why Sega has fallen so far from grace…


– Keith White Jr.

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Doritos Crash Course



Genre: Platformer
Release Date: December 8, 2010
Platform: XBLA, Xbox 360
Price: Free!!



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ABC’s hit series Wipeout is a lot of fun to watch. Contestants work their way through nearly impossible, over-the-top, pain inducing obstacle courses, trying to reach the finish line and not get maimed in the process. Enter Doritos and their new game Crash Course. Unlike the Wii title Wipeout: The Game, the hit TV show finally has a fun, surprisingly deep video game representation. And best of all, it’s totally free!

Just like the show Crash Course is inspired by, the early levels start off relatively easy as you learn the ropes and get yourself acquainted with the obstacles. As you progress, the game can become frustratingly difficult. You will watch yourself fall, fly and slam to your doom quite a bit. But its not a bad kind of frustrating as you’ll still feel that desire to finish the levels. Reaching the end of a stage is fulfilling because the design is fair, even if you might want to throw the controller through the screen at times.

You’ll run from left to right — swinging, jumping, ducking, bouncing, floating and avoiding obstacles, all while trying to make it to the end. A sprint button has been included to help speed up the less dangerous areas, and it will be tempting to try and run the whole way from start to finish. However, you should be careful with how often you use it. Run too much and you may trip on the platforms, over jump gaps or throw off your timing when your trying to grab a rope or catch the breeze of a high-powered fan. Add the inherent need to do it in the fastest time possible to place yourself atop the online leader board and you have an addictive formula.



Nothing laughs at your shortcomings more than the ever changing, always-better-than-you leaderboard in the top right corner of the screen. Its stares you in the face while you try to complete the crazy challenges that lay before you, and calls you back when the time you get is below everyone else on the leaderboards.

Crash Course features multiplayer via splitscreen and online by way of Xbox Live. Being a free game, no one would have faulted the developers for phoning it in and including just a single player mode. Instead they gave us one the most fun, and addictive online games of the year. It’s a ton of fun playing with multiple people, despite trying not to fall off a platform for the fourth time while your friends speed ahead of you, calling you names in through their headsets.

One of the game’s coolest features is being able to play as your Avatar. If you ever wanted to see a cartoon version of yourself fly into a sheet of glass, bounce off a huge rubber ball, or get smashed by a giant hammer, now’s your chance. If you haven’t ever wanted to see that you mgiht want to explore whats wrong with you. I hear therapy helps.

This game may have been sponsored by a junk food company, but it shouldn’t be tossed away and forgotten like the empty bag of Halo Reach Doritos you finished during the download. Don’t let any obstacles get in the way of adding Crash Course to your Xbox 360 collection. Even if it wasn’t free, it would be worth every penny.















– Keith White Jr.

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Epic Mickey



Genre: Platformer
Release Date: November 30, 2010
Platform: Nintendo Wii
Price: $20 (Or less)




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Of all the cartoon characters that have made there way into the world of licensed video games, Mickey Mouse has one of the best track records. Not counting the absolutely infuriating play sessions the six-year-old version of myself had to endure trying to finish Mickey Mousecapades on the original Nintendo, I am hard-pressed to remember a bad Mickey Mouse game.

Over the last few years, Mickey has mostly vanished as a video game hero (except for his appearances in the Kingdom Hearts games) and his classic games are all but forgotten. Enter video game developer and Disney lover Warren Spector. His vision of Mickey Mouse has brought the iconic character back to the gaming world with style. It’s easily one of Mickey’s (and maybe the Wii’s) most epic adventures to date.

If Epic Mickey does one thing that holds its ears above the competition, its the story. The wizard from Fantasia has created a world called the Wasteland. A place for all of Disney’s forgotten characters to call home. This world is ruled by Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, a 1920′s version of Mickey that has more connection to the mouse then just his appearance. After the wizard retires for the night, Mickey’s curiosity gets the better of him and he accidentally spills both paint and thinner on the Wasteland while playing with a magic paint brush. Before the wizard can return to investigate the commotion, Mickey was able to escape through the magic mirror to his bedroom. After some time passes an evil called the Phantom Blot begins to emerge from Wasteland, and seeks out the one that created it. After being pulled into the Wasteland, Mickey sets out to fix the damage he’s done and stop the Blot before it completely destroys Oswald’s world. The story is filled with Disney magic and if it wasn’t a game, it could have been the next big Hollywood blockbuster.

Epic Mickey’s main selling point is its use of paint and thinner in the game world. Use thinner to erase walls or clear paths. Using paint allows you to fix bridges or add gears to broken machines. While it may not be the “do anything at any time” experience they had originally promised, the areas where the paint and thinner are used are both creative and fun to play around with. You can even use paint to make enemies friends or just spray them with thinner to erase them from existence. Be mindful of your actions, though. The way you play the game will affect the outcome, so it may not be prudent to throw thinner at enemies and areas willy nilly, just because it seems like the easiest way out of a sticky situation.



Like a lot of games in the genre, the camera can be a bit of a pain in certain areas. There will be times when you’re jumping blindly because the camera is cemented to a place, preventing you from seeing the next platform. You’ll sometimes take unfair hits from off-screen enemies that the camera just cant seem to find as well. It’s not a game breaking problem but it’s worth a note because it can cost you precious health and lives, especially in the later stages.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention this game’s appeal to fans of both 2D and 3D platformers. Some of Mickey and Oswald’s classic black-and-white cartoons have been turned into side-scrolling levels. These change up the pace of the regular levels and are a great reminder of Disney’s remarkable history in animation.

The wonderful world of Epic Mickey looks amazing and its cartoon nature makes it a great fit on the Wii. Its status as an exclusive title allowed the developers to push the Wii hardware to its limits. Unlike some games — ports like Call of Duty, for example — it never feels like it was designed for the more powerful systems and scaled down after the fact.

Licensed games have a habit of feeling phoned in, coming across as cash cows that do nothing more than suck the life out of the license and steal the money away from deserving games. Epic Mickey isn’t your normal licensed title. From the amazing story to the high production values and excellent gameplay, Warren Specter’s Junction Point Studio has created not only the most epic game based on a cartoon character of the year, but maybe the best Wii game of 2010.






– Keith White Jr.

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Best Pizza in Buffalo




Oh-Boy!!!!! That looks good! - Photo via Bocce's!

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I think I have a problem.

For most people, the first things they look at when moving to a new neighborhood are the quality of the schools, the taxes, and the crime rate. They probably look at how far grocery stores and parks are.

Not me.

I look at the pizza places. I wanna know what pizzerias are within a five mile radius of my potential humble abode. Oh, you’re going to sell me a mansion for $5,000? Sorry bud, the only pizza place around her is a Papa John’s; I can’t live here.

Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit. But I think you get the point, I take my pizza seriously – and I have the belly to prove it.

Buffalo pizza is truly unique. It’s not deep dish in Chicago, and it’s not thin, flat, and wide like in NYC. It’s probably not what you’re picturing in your head right now either. The truth is, authentic Buffalo pizza is getting harder to find as the years go by.

What a lot of places pass off as Buffalo pizza these days is nothing more than a pie somewhere in between Chicago and NYC style in thickness that’s covered with bland sauce and the cheapest mozzarella cheese they can find. Some places just give you a box full of grease. It’s sad, but true.

So what’s real Buffalo pizza then? In my opinion, a real Buffalo pizza should look like me after I’m done eating ribs – big, thick, heavy and covered in sweet sauce.


I got the chance to do some "research" for this article at Bocce Club Pizza.


The pizza should be so heavy that you could get a bicep workout when bringing it back to your car after picking it up. You should be able to knock someone out with it. The sauce should be sweet and the pepperoni should be thick. That’s a Buffalo pizza.

One of the legendary pizzerias of Buffalo was called Martucci’s. They made pizza just like that and I was lucky enough to eat a lot of it as a kid before Joe Martucci retired.

Ok, so you’re probably wondering when the hell I’ll get to the point. So who has the best pizza in Buffalo?

I think it’s a tie. It’s a tie between two pizzerias.

Imperial Pizza in South Buffalo and Bocce Club Pizza on Bailey in Amherst. A lot of you know Imperial as the place Pat Kane used to work at, and it’s where he brought the Stanley Cup twice. Bocce Club is pretty legendary and actually started in a club where they played bocce ball. Anyway, those are the two I would pick. Both make a very similar pie, and rumor has it that they were affiliated with one another at one point (although I am not able to confirm this). They both exemplify the Buffalo style that is getting hard to find nowadays.

So in case you were wondering, I lived in South Buffalo for a while, and I cried when I had to move away from my beloved Imperial. But I lucked out in that I live close enough to Bocce Club now where I’m just at the edge of their delivery zone! Phew.

Anyway, I compiled a list of honorable mentions:

Chick-N-Pizza Works

Metro Pizza Co.

Franco’s Pizza

Mattina’s Pizzeria

La Pizza Club

Bob and John’s La Hacienda

Avenue on Genesee St. (now closed)


Zahz Pizza

Maria Pizza (Angola)

So what do you think? Do you agree? Do you have any suggestions? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts. It is definitely possible that I forgot a place or two!


– Mike O’Brien