19 Year Old Girls Are Just Like Deer

I’m almost 27 years old. I’ve always dated girls around my age. However, after an older woman played too many head games, I targeted a different generation of females after that failed relationship. The average age of said targets was 19. Let me tell you -while their bodies were much more delightful than their mid 20’s counterparts, the lack of intelligence these girls had was mind blowing.

These girls resembled deer.


I’m serious. These 19 year old girls were beautiful. But just like deer (beautiful creatures) they lacked a proper attention span in everything involving life. It is my belief that the future generation really has zero chance for romance and purity. I remember thinking that the girl I was talking to at the time was really into me. Judging by Facebook and Twitter you would think that I was her “dude”. However, and make a note gentlemen, there are about 20-30 often used apps out there that make dating someone and being loyal seriously impossible. I don’t blame these girls and here is why.


It is my belief that every girl from that generation believes shes destined to be a hippie and travel the country without a cent. It’s the same story all over and actually these girls can get away with it. Guys will always pay to have a girl around. This younger generation of females only know of the tech world. They grew up online and as we know the online world teaches sex appeal and power every second. My generation, even though its only a few years older, grew up much differently.


We didn’t depend on the internet for the ability to communicate. When I grew up, you would miss people often. Now, almost everybody is accessible. This causes havoc on relationships. For the younger generation of females, they have this romantic idea about what life is supposed to be like, but in most cases, they never had a chance from day 1. These poor girls are brainwashed.

They are into celebrities now more than ever. As a male that sickens me to know that I could go to work everyday, make six figures, but my wife is going to be obsessed with some guy on television. If you’re talking to a woman younger than 25 that usually is ALWAYS the case.


It’s sad. These young girls really can wow you with their physical attributes, however I wouldn’t be betting on having good conversation. These girls really have trouble speaking in reality. While it’s sad, maybe its a good thing. Guys my age and older really have no business being with a girl that age now more than ever. We aren’t built to speak their language for they have an incredibly different view of the world most often than not. The few year difference in the tech era is almost an eternity in today’s day in age.


(Girls such as Niykee Heaton, take countless photos like this and send them to 30 different social media websites where thirsty dudes give them all the time and attention that these young minds crave. They crave this thrill of making guys go crazy. Don’t fall victim.)

My advice to girls under 25 is be safe. I’ve said it a few times, your as dangerous as deer. You want to go here, you want to go there, you want to go everywhere, but often you lack the street smarts essential to staying safe. You want to like 30-40 different dudes daily, have a new fling, new clothes, you want it ALL. I respect that. Because of the lame dudes of the world, females hold the power.

So dudes, if you’re out on the prowl this weekend, know what you’re looking for. You’re not looking in the ocean for mermaids. You’re probably in the forest hunting Deer.


Despite writing this column, I’ll never learn. I’ll be hunting this weekend. After all, deer steak is always great for a late night snack and the taste is never affected by the deer’s personality.


– Josh King

Twitter: @joshk65