Genre: Action, Puzzle, RPG, Shooter
Release Date: December 20, 2010
Platform: Nintendo Wii, WiiWare
Price: 1000 Wii points ($10)



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There’s nothing better than games with odd, goofy or completely over-the-top themes. Being able to escape into a world that could never really exist, with characters I would never meet in real life will always top the ultra-realistic simulations in my book. The new Wiiware game, Frobot, is all those things I love and more. Developer Fugazo has crafted a fun shooter-puzzle-action-RPG hybrid that will test your reflexes and bring the funk like only an Afro-picking, disco-dancing, robo-lady lovemaking robot could.

As far as I can tell, Frobot is a robo-pimp with a stable of five “girlfriends”. After the his foxy ladies are kidnapped, he sets out on an adventure to save them. The game’s levels are set up as a series of rooms, each filled with enemies and puzzles. It’s a formula that will be immediately familiar to anyone that has played any of the classic Zelda games, but with quite a bit more to do. You’ll point, shake and dance your way from room to room trying to power up transportation warp pads that help Frobot move from level to level and closer to rescuing his robo-hoes.

Some developers have had trouble when it comes to using the Wii’s remote and nunchuck to their full potential, but Fugazo has nailed it dead on. Everything is mapped out intuitively and you wont stumble when trying to remember which button does what, even in the middle of a fight. The game also tests your ability to multitask. You will regularly be pointing at the screen while moving Frobot around and using weapons at the same time. Add the later stages’ ramped up puzzle and enemy difficulties and you have all the makings of an edge-of-your-seat, breath-holding good time that will keep you coming back for more. The levels also have hidden Power Picks and best times to beat. So even after you have finished “singleplaya” mode, there is still reason to keep on keepin on, playa.



They have also included a “multiplaya” mode where you and three of your pimptastic pals can fight it out until just one robot remains. There are a number of arenas to choose from (more of which can be unlocked by beating the time goals in “singleplaya”) and all of the different weapons Frobot finds throughout the game can be put to use against your friends. The levels also have hazards and obstacles scattered around, adding an element of strategy to what could have been just mindless deathmatch battles.

The game is oozing with personality in every aspect of its production. The graphics and tunes are just plain cool and need to be experienced to truly appreciate them. The animations are fluid, the stages colorful and you wont be able to get the funky-fresh tunes out of your head for days after playing.

When I first heard about Frobot I knew I had to play it… but mostly because I thought it was going to be a complete train wreck of a game with jokes in the so-bad-they’re-good category. Instead I was treated to a Zelda-inspired romp thorough the futuristic world of the 1970s. It’s a simple equation: Classic Zelda plus Afro-robots plus multilaya equals a completely funk-a-delic, must have good time. Frobot is funky, fresh and is absolutely worth your time, your Wii points and your Afro picks.













– Keith White Jr.

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