The 12 People Every Dude Should Know

That’s right folks! Another list! Once we become adults, we find that the real world is a pain in the ass. Everything we need or want is expensive, things break down and sometimes we get into some kind of trouble. We find that nine times out of ten, it would be much easier to deal with these issues if we just knew the right people. Here is my list of the 12 people you need to identify and make a part of your life. Also, a big thanks to my buddy, Logan, for helping me think up the list.

  • The Mechanic – Somewhere along the lines your car will need to be worked on. New tires, brakes changed, oil change, etc… It is absolutely invaluable to have a good friend who knows how to do/does these things for a living. You’re guaranteed to get it done right and you can have it done without breaking the bank. This is an especially important person for women. I hate to perpetuate the stereotype, but generally speaking, women don’t know much about automobiles and having someone they trust to keep from screwing them out of hundreds of dollars is a life saver.girl-mechanic
  • Restaurant Employee – This isn’t an absolute must have, but it’s definitely a luxury. I have a friend who works for a coffee and bakery type restaurant. I don’t do this very often, but on occasion I can walk into that store, chat with him for a bit and walk out with a coffee, donut and a sandwich and not have spent a single dime.waitress
  • Local Politician/Government worker – Whether it be someone within your local city government or with the county, it is always good to have someone within the inner-workings of your local government. Having worked in the local government in the past, I know people with my local road department, sheriff’s department, emergency management and water department. If I have an issue involving one of those places, I have a go-to person who I trust to take care of the issue for me.
  • Police – Whether it is getting you out of a parking ticket or someone to keep your kid from going straight to jail the night they vandalize the school, a police officer is a great person to be friends with. They can keep you up-to-date on what’s going on with local crime levels as well as help you out in the occasional jam.police
  • Firefighter – Something like 90% of the fire departments in the United States are volunteer based. Having a friend on the department ensures that should something happen to your home, they will know exactly where they’re going. I, myself, was on a fire department for a period of time and it helps drastically, especially in rural areas, to know whose house you’re going to.
  • Person of Power – This person is usually well known in the local scene. They could be the mayor, judge, judge-executive, local business owner or even just a rich person. This person can loan you money, bail you out of jail, get you out of a speeding ticket, or just about any other big pickle you might find yourself in. But beware, these people don’t get where they are by tossing handouts to everyone. There will usually be a price for their help.
  • The Gossip – We all know that person. It may be a coworker, a high school friend or a friend you made through someone else. However you met them, they’re the person who hears things and will let you know the instant they hear anything pertaining to you. A word of (obvious) caution: You do not ever tell this person anything you don’t want coming out.
  • The Confidant – Stress is a natural part of life; we all experience it. Having someone you trust enough to talk to can be a major benefit in relieving that stress. You could even act as their confidant and together you act as each other’s personal therapists. Not necessarily giving advice to each other, but simply someone to listen.
  • Computer Geek – Computers today are changing on an almost daily rate. You can buy a top of the line computer/phone/tablet today and this time next year it will be outdated. Having someone to guide you along the process of buying, upgrading and maintaining your technology could save you hundreds of dollars.hotpc
  • The Medic – This doesn’t have to be a paramedic. They could be a doctor, a nurse, x-ray tech, etc… as long as they have strong medical knowledge and are somewhat sensible. They can help with minor injuries, even if it’s just giving advice.
  • Jack of All Trades – This person will help with the majority of your problems. Anything from funny car noises and leaky plumbing to babysitting the kids, this person is arguably one of the most valuable on this list. They may not be a master of anything, but they know enough to at least point you in the right direction of a solution. And to top it off, if they can’t fix the problem themselves, they likely know someone who can.
  • Yourself – I’ve talked about this before, but knowing yourself can be a big help in the real world. Knowing your personal likes, dislikes, capabilities, disadvantages and priorities will help you when making big decisions and purchases.

They say that when it comes to getting a job, it isn’t always what you know, but who you know. I apply that philosophy to life in general. Many of life’s major problems are made leaps and bounds easier by simply knowing and being friends with the right people. The only time I’d exclude a person from this list is if I could fill that role for myself. Otherwise, yes- I have a person for all these. And so should you!


– Cameron Blevins

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